Hey there! I'm so happy you're here visiting Hundredth Monkey Tees!

This is my cool t-shirt website. I'm pretty excited about it and I hope you are, too. That's me there to the left. I'm Jeannie, a single mom of one teenage boy (Yikes!). I do all the designing for the shirts and mugs you see here on the site. I have so much fun thinking up new designs and watching as you all come and find them.

When I started this site, it had a different name and as I began to create more and more designs, a vision developed. I rebranded the site to Hundredth Monkey Tees. If you don't know the theory of the hundredth monkey, I encourage you to google it. It's fascinating. I like to offer fresh and clever sayings and designs that speak your truth. Everyone has a truth and yours is unique. I hope you find something on the site that speaks your truth loudly and proudly. 

I work with several partner print shops to get your shirts, mugs, pillows and other items printed and shipped as quickly as possible. Some of the online stores that are much bigger than me have us all spoiled with how fast they can package and deliver the things we order. Hundredth Monkey Tees is a little slower, so I hope you can be patient while waiting for us to print your cool new product. It usually takes 3-5 days for printing to be finished. On occasion during busier times, it may take 6 business days. That makes me frown, too but rest assured, we've got your order and we're all working to get it to you as fast as we can. 

I get so many cool notes and awesome reviews from my customers and every one of them makes me smile. Unlike the bigger online sites referenced earlier, I'm a real person who is totally stoked that you're here and even more so when you like a product enough to order. I usually jump around and do a little dance when I get the little notification of a sale on my phone. So know that you're making my day and I hope you do a little dance, too, when you get your package in the mail!

The one thing many people ask when they receive their t-shirts is 'what the heck is that smell?' If you're one of those people asking that question, know that it's just the smell of the freshly printed ink that's been cooped up inside a mailer envelope for a few days on its way to you. Once you get the shirt out into the air for a bit, that smell should subside. 

Before you go, I'd like to invite you to sign up for my mailing list. Occasionally I like to send out sale invitations and new product updates. I hate spam just as much as you so I promise not to send too many. Only when I think something is so awesome you won't want to miss it. Sign up using this form:

A lot of people like to shop with me over at my Etsy shop. If you prefer that shopping experience, you can visit Hundredth Monkey Tees on Etsy and check out all the cool reviews my customers have left for me. While you're there be sure to favorite my shop and check out my items. Things are organized a little differently over there, but you'll find most of the same products. 

If you have anything you'd like to ask, share or if you just want to say Hi, you can contact me using the Contact Us link. I appreciate you stopping by and I'm wishing you a glorious day!

<3 Jeannie